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In the era of full frequency conversion, these frequency converters are OUT if they don’t know it!
Release time:2021-01-20      Number of hits:236

The frequency conversion speed regulation technology has been studied after the thyristor appeared, but the frequency converter did not appear until the 1970s. This is because the frequency converter technology is fully developed with the development of power electronic devices, microelectronics technology, computer technology and automatic control theory. From the initial power transistor (GTR) and gate-off thyristor (GTO) to the modern intelligent power integrated circuit (PIC) and intelligent power module (IPM). From the original 8-bit CPU, 16-bit CPU to modern 32-bit digital signal processor (DSP). From general V/f control, vector control to direct torque control, intelligent control. Every step of the development of IT technology, the development of inverter technology. Today, due to the speed regulation and energy-saving performance of the frequency converter, and the continuous reduction of cost performance, the frequency converter has entered the era of promotion and application.

The wide application of frequency converters will inevitably require more and more people to master frequency converter technology. In the near future, frequency converter technology will be as popular as ordinary electrical technology. Therefore, mastering the application technology of frequency converters will become a preparation for every electrician and technician. Knowledge. In the frequency conversion speed regulation system, the general-purpose frequency converter is used more. "Universal type" is compared with "dedicated type". The so-called "universal" means that it can be used in conjunction with a general-purpose three-phase asynchronous motor, which can be applied to a variety of different performance loads and has a variety of optional functions. General-purpose inverters are divided into general-function V/f control general-purpose inverters, high-function V/f control general-purpose inverters and vector control general-purpose inverters. Among them, general-function V/f control general-purpose inverters have been gradually improved. Functional V/f control general-purpose inverter and vector control general-purpose inverter are replaced.

Both high-function V/f control and vector control can control and adjust speed and torque separately, while the dynamic performance of vector control is better and superior. Its speed regulation performance can already be compared with DC speed regulation. When the speed regulation ratio is not very large (below 1:1000), it has a tendency to gradually replace DC speed regulation. Therefore, mastering the application of general-purpose inverters is our knowledge content. The application of frequency converter can be divided into the design of frequency conversion speed regulation system and the selection of frequency converter and peripheral equipment; the installation and debugging of frequency conversion speed regulation system; the function application and parameter setting of frequency converter; the fault diagnosis and processing of frequency converter and the selection of frequency converter Maintenance and repair are several aspects, and the function application and parameter setting of the inverter are the more important part. It is the knowledge content that all engineering and technical personnel involved in the inverter technology must master, especially in the production site. Technical staff. Learn the knowledge of inverter function application and parameter setting.

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