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Where are the new opportunities for the automotive industry?
Release time:2018-11-02      Number of hits:284

Entering 2019, with the continuous introduction of policies such as the liberalization of stock ratios, the reduction of tariffs, and the vigorous development of new energy vehicles, the Chinese auto market is entering a new stage of competition. Whether independent brands or joint venture brands, the layout and positioning of new products are New changes began to appear. A new pattern of the automobile industry is taking shape, and self-owned brand automobiles are facing the challenge of industry diversification. In the next three to five years, competition in the auto market will be extremely fierce, and independent brand auto companies should accelerate their efforts in intelligent manufacturing, transformation and upgrading, and internationalization.

Over the years, Chinese independent brands have developed rapidly after entering the WTO, and have also achieved some achievements. However, on the one hand, we must guard against arrogance and rashness, and see the gap; on the other hand, we must not arrogantly underestimate ourselves and destroy our ambition. The auto industry has a long way to go to become stronger, and autonomous auto companies need to endure loneliness. After years of accumulation, the level of self-owned brand cars has been improved. After experiencing primitive accumulation and strategic transformation, it has entered a new stage of force. But at present, foreign-funded enterprises and brands continue to expand product layout, prices and channels, which will break the original pattern of foreign-owned brands and independent brands, and form a fierce competition situation that is close to each other.

The restructuring of the core elements of the industry, the transformation of industry competition from traditional models to competition, consumption upgrades, the new four modernization technologies, low-carbon environmental protection, the global automotive electrification wave, and new energy vehicles have risen to national strategies. These all constitute my country’s automotive industry An important opportunity for development. After years of hard work, China's automobile industry has shown an astonishingly high growth trend. New technologies and new trends have been continuously applied, and product types and product quality have been greatly improved. But at the same time, many companies lack long-term strategies, core technologies are not prominent, and product homogeneity is serious. The automobile industry urgently needs to transform from large to strong.

In the future, we can no longer follow the path of low-quality, low-price and disorderly expansion of production capacity. We need to transform and upgrade, improve product quality and brand, focus on high-quality development, and provide products that are more adapted to market needs and have international competitiveness on the supply side. Including BAIC, self-owned brand auto companies such as Great Wall, Changan, Guangzhou Automobile, SAIC, Chery have successively launched their own updated products, and product quality and brand positioning have begun to move towards the top end. A batch of new energy replacement models led by BAIC EU50 and BYD Song New Energy have greatly improved their performance indicators and their overall quality has changed significantly. And technologies such as the Internet of Vehicles, intelligence, and artificial intelligence have also been more applied and upgraded in mass-produced models.

At the same time, more joint venture brands have also joined the competition in the new energy vehicle market. SAIC Volkswagen, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, Dongfeng Yueda Kia have launched their domestic new energy models, and the prices continue to drop, forming direct competition with independent brands. The continuous improvement in R&D, technology, and craftsmanship has improved the market competitiveness of independent brand products. At present, self-branded products have basically possessed positive research and development capabilities, which can not only provide products that meet consumer needs, but also control costs, development speed, and derive a variety of products. As competition in the domestic market continues to intensify and product technology and quality continue to be upgraded, the pace of internationalization of China's automobile industry is obviously fast, and many automobile companies have begun to establish vehicle factories and research and development abroad. With the policy support of increasing national pace, more auto companies in the future will further promote overseas strategies, increase cooperation in overseas technologies, talents, and markets, continuously improve product quality and service quality, and consolidate and expand overseas markets.

At present, the automobile industry has entered a new stage of development, and the development of independent brands is the top priority of building a strong automobile country. Self-owned brand car companies should pay attention to the advanced planning and layout of advanced product technologies, complete positive R&D applications, innovative business development models, etc., seize the opportunities of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles, develop new forms of self-owned brands, and continue to make efforts Export market.

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