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What is the scope of use of the frequency converter?
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1. On the fan, it can be used to control the air volume, such as the boiler induced draft fan, the factory fan, the fresh air fan and the exhaust fan of the air conditioner. The air speed can be adjusted according to the combustion status or other requirements, and it can be used as a control valve for the air volume. The role of size.

2. In the water pump industry, industrial circulating water, constant pressure water supply with domestic inverters, and sewage treatment, inverters are also used in the transportation of some chemical liquid raw materials. These are also used to control the flow or pressure of some liquids. Like fan control, the accuracy of the frequency converter is not high. Using a dedicated fan and water pump type frequency converter, the price is relatively cheap to meet the requirements.

3. Some transmission fields are used to control transmission, such as conveyor belts and driving rollers. It is necessary to control the transmission speed of materials to synchronize the overall production line. In this case, general-purpose inverters are sufficient.

4. Stirring, mixing, grinding, crushing, squeezing, throwing and some calendering occasions, the equipment needs to "bite" with each other to allow the materials to be fully mixed. This processing process also needs to be controlled and the inverter needs to be used to complete , General-purpose type can also meet the requirements.

5. Suspension, hoisting, winding and unwinding and other occasions require a frequency converter to achieve certain synchronization and tension control. The accuracy requirements are relatively high, and a vector type frequency converter or a direct torque control type frequency converter is required.

6. In occasions such as air-conditioning compressors and air compressors, synchronous motors are often used at present. The control algorithm is similar to asynchronous actual speed. It is also variable frequency speed regulation, but because of the motor, the efficiency is relatively high.

7. In the automobile, motorcycle and tram industry, from trains to electric vehicles, three-wheeled electric vehicles and two-wheeled battery vehicles, inverters are currently in use in vehicles.

8. In the processing industry, robots and other occasions, the frequency converter can be used as a main shaft or an important rotary table motor. If the servo is also regarded as a special frequency converter, it is used for each axis.

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